We believe that small businesses really matter to people and communities. We exist to provide you with solid advice that serves as the core foundation on which your business is built. Our entire purposes is to elevate performance.  

What we do

Taxes: Minimizing your company's tax liability takes ongoing planning and communication.  We make sure you have the knowledge and tools to make the right tax decisions well before the preparation of your return.

New business set-up:  We are in one of the most exciting era's of entrepreneurship in decades.  Platform can support your new pursuits from start to finish.  Choosing the right entity type and executing set-up is a critical first step in your new business journey.

Accounting: Financial statements aren't the end goal, they are the beginning of making smart strategic decisions. By utilizing the latest cloud based technologies we can assist with and simplify the processing of transactions, so that we can spend more time moving your business forward together. 

Payroll: Although often an after thought, payroll decisions can have significant short-term and long-term effects on you and your business. We will not only will take the administrative duties off your hands, but also make sure you are making the best decisions for you and your team.



At Platform we grew up in and around small business.  And while some of us went away for awhile to work for some of the largest accounting and financial advisory firms in the world, we all decided we like small business better.  Our goal is to provide tax, accounting, finance and operations advice that makes a difference.  We understand that as a small business owner your personal and professional lives are intricately connected and that small decisions can have a big impact. By understanding your entire situation, rather than just being an overpriced data entry service, we can provide real, actionable recommendations. In short, we do what we do best, so you can do what you do best.