Isn't it time to demand more from your accountant? We exist to help you navigate the financial opportunities and challenges life brings by providing you real guidance.  We are partners for the long haul.

What we do

Tax filing & planning: Platform's experienced tax team focuses on minimizing current tax liability while planning for the future. We aren't here to just file your return, we are here to advise and be a support on the way to achieving your financial goals.

Audit & IRS representation: We understand the anxiety and frustration that can come with dealing with the IRS.  Our team of Enrolled Agents and CPA's have decades of experience working through large and small IRS related issues.    

Second review:  Unsure whether your returns were filed correctly or to your best advantage in the past?  We are more than happy to take a second look to make sure you claimed all deductions and tax credits you are entitled to.


When selecting a doctor or lawyer most people  want someone with the right mix of education and experience.  It only makes sense that you expect the same from your accountant.  Our team are seasoned professionals, not part-time temps run through a six-week tax crash course.  We have worked hard to bring together the right mix of professionals to make sure you receive sound advice regardless of what your situation might be.  Find out more about a few of our team members here.